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About Our Company
Bharat Power Conversion, a leading manufacturer of True On-line UPS systems in South India with more than 10 years experience and having highly satisfied clientele, is growing by the day. Established in 1994, BPC has concentrated in the field of power quality and its improvement. The Company has emerged as a leader in design and manufacture of UPS systems. Since inception, BPC has made consistent efforts to provide best solutions to power problems of customers, both in terms of technology and services and continues its quest for complete customer satisfaction.


BPC is today operating in its own premises situated on the outskirts of Coimbatore with 3500 sq.ft of land area and 2500 sqft of built up factory area.

The Factory has got all the necessary infrastructure be it in terms of electrical requirements, electronic testing facilities and well trained Professional.

The Production center is well laid out with fabrication section,transformer section,assembly section,wiring section,PCB section and testing section with as much as 25 well trained production staff.

Research & Development:

BPC has got one of the best industry's R & D team which keeps itself abreast with all the latest developments in the power conditioning industry and incorporate the same in the product line to offer the customer all the technological advantages .The R & D team is also provided with all the latest and sophisticated equipments required to get the best results in their endeavor.

BPC also has a quality control section where in each and every unit manufactured undergoes rigorous and thorough checking to make sure that the unit satisfies all the technical specifications,performs to its best and has been produced with the best workmanship.This guarantees the customer that he gets the best when he buys a BPC Product.


BPC UPS Systems today find applications in Software Industry,Banking,Process Control,Medical Diagnostics,Corporate Sector, Railways,Private Sectors,Telecommunications,Educational Institutions etc.

Total Protection

BPC UPS systems are assured of complete protection because of Double Conversion Technology and also the availability of Galvanic isolation and an optional static bypass switch which facilitates the immediate transfer of load to bypass AC input in case of emergencies.

Quality Standards

BPC attaches utmost importance to quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. The products undergo stringent quality tests to ensure that only the best is made available to the customer. A strong R & D team continuously improves the product to meet the customer's needs.

DSP - Based design with PID control

State of the art PWM Technology

Pure Sineware with computer compatible
Three Phase Input Three Phase output
Three phase output UPS ayatem are designed to handle 100% unbalanced load.
Three Phase Input Single Phase
Single Phase Input Single Phase