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True On-Line UPS

BPC manufactures MOSFET/IGBT based True On-Line UPS with Hi-Fi MPWM Technology in the range of 1 KVA to 150 KVA. Use of Hi-MPWM Technology results efficiency and system has been designed to supply clean, continuous, high stability power (Pure Sine Wave output) as required not only for computers but also for process control equipment, safety and security systems, medical equipments.

On-Line Double Conversion Design

Electronic equipments and computers are prone to failure/ malfunction to non-availability of clean and stable power. Problems like voltage fluctuations, sags, surges, spikes, RFI, frequency variations, brownouts and total blackouts can cause major damage to computers and electronic systems. However, employing of Double Conversion Topology smoothens the effect of electrical disturbances at the input side, to provide continuous and stable power to the load, thereby ensuring complete protection to computers and equipments which are essential for function of office and business.

LCD Display

User friendly ‘Alpha Numeric’ LCD display is provided for indicating of parameters such as Input Voltage. Output Voltage, Output Current, Load Level, Battery Voltage, Battery Charging Level, Capacity (AH), Frequency and Temperature.

Static Switch

BPC UPS comes with a static switch which performs an important function of transferring the load from one UPS to another UPS or source without any interruption. This proves highly useful while disconnecting a faulty UPS from a multiple parallel redundant system without disturbing the power status.

Remote Monitoring

Provision of 232/ RJ 45 port with communication software for Remote Monitoring of UPS in computer network is available as an optional feature. This software is compatible with platforms like Windows 95, Windows NT and Novell Netware. SNMP Communication interface for monitoring of UPS through internet is also available as an optional feature.

Software Interface

BPC incorporates UPS monitoring software for networks which provides the user maximum security for data, by facilitating orderly shutdown of the total network in the case of mains failure. The software will be sending information about the UPS status to all the users in the network and is compatible with all the popular operating systems such as Novell, UNIX, AS 400, Windows NT< Windows 95 etc.


DSP - Based design with PID control

State of the art PWM Technology

Pure Sineware with computer compatible
Three Phase Input Three Phase output
Three phase output UPS ayatem are designed to handle 100% unbalanced load.
Three Phase Input Single Phase
Single Phase Input Single Phase