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Uninterruptible Power Systems are an investment to keep your business running smoothly and profitably. At BPC we want to ensure that your investment pays dividends. That is why the UPS is just the start of your partnership with BPC. Add pre-sales support to ensure the optimum UPS is specified, a whole host of after-sales services to keep your UPS in peak condition and you have a recipe for success.

From recommending the optimum solution for your application, to commissioning the UPS and servicing it through its lifetime, BPC will provide you with a comprehensive power consultancy package from beginning to end.
After - Sales Services Support
In Line with the policy of according customer satisfaction utmost importance, BPC has established a network of branches and dealers with well equipped and trained manpower to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. BPC is s trusted name with a large customer spectrum spread over sectors such as Power, Telecommunications, Computers, Industrial Electronics, Business Automation machines.

By opting for BPC UPS, a quality product from a computer with a high level of expertise in UPS field, you have made sure that your power related problems are solved at one stop.

BPC's impressive range of products includes Line-Interactive UPS (Inbuilt and External battery models), Domestic UPS, Servo Stabilizer and other power conditioning equipments justifying the reputation of being a 'Complete Power Solution Company'.
DSP - Based design with PID control

State of the art PWM Technology

Pure Sineware with computer compatible
Three Phase Input Three Phase output
Three phase output UPS ayatem are designed to handle 100% unbalanced load.
Three Phase Input Single Phase
Single Phase Input Single Phase